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Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Chapter 1: Find God
    • Find God Lesson
  • 3
    Chapter 2: Find Self
    • Find Self Lesson
    • Self Awareness Workbook
  • 4
    Chapter 3: Visualization
    • Visualization Lesson
    • Personal Vision Workbook
  • 5
    Chapter 4: Execution
    • Execution Lesson
    • Action Plan Workbook
    • Post Survey

Once students have completed the course they'll have:

  • Self Awareness: A better understanding of who you are and why you are created

  • Clarity: A clear vision and direction for their life

  • Strategy: A written strategy on how to execute the vision

  • Decrease in behavioral and emotional issues

Who is it for?

Leaders who work with high school girls who are considered troubled youth

Studies have shown when people have a sense of who they are and where they are going they take pride in their school studies. They don't just see it as another day in school but they realize that every part of their life is important and preparing them for their next chapter.
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